“SCROUTZ The Musical”: A brilliant moving performance at the Katia Dandoulaki Theater

The magic of Christmas comes to life on its stage KATIA DANDOULAKI Theater through the spectacular musical “SCROUTZ The Musical. Since December 17, the classic Christmas story by Charles Dickens reminds us of the value of the Christmas spirit, through a glamorous musical that will warm our hearts and souls.

Tenderness, kindness, love, imagination and a little gold dust… are the necessary ingredients that will make even the skeptical, miserable and stingy Ebenezer Scrooge change forever!

Direction, choreography and artistic curator Anastasi Deligianni, his original musical composition Antonis Karatziki and its adaptation Marie Athens most informative love story comes to life with great protagonists Spyros Bibila in his role Scrooge and Betty from Lebanon, The Penelope AnastassopoulouIn March Long, the Giannis ChatzigeorgiouIn Giannos Papaefstathiou, the Elena DelakouraIn Georges karkas, The Eva stamati, The Maria kosmatou, The Iris Gouriotou – Toula, the Giannis MamolisIn Edgar Avetikian and Apostolos Kousinas.

A large musical-theatrical production with live music, choir and a large troupe.

The story

Miserable and miserly Ebenezer Scrooge believes Christmas is a scam. Suddenly, the spirit of his former partner, Jacob Marley, visits him to warn him to change his vicious and apathetic character so that he does not have the same fate as him.

The three Christmas ghosts, by Pathe past, present and future will remind him of his mistakes and help him regret his ruthless behavior. Eventually, the rich and greedy Scrooge, who feels no compassion for anyone, turns into his town’s greatest benefactor and changes forever.

London, mid-19th century, a snowy night, Christmas Eve …

Full of indifference, for all kinds of magic, emotion or tenderness, Scrooge, the old usurer, counts his money.

He doesn’t know it yet, but the fate that wants him to be selfish and old-fashioned won’t have the upper hand for long …

It’s never too late for a miracle …


Stage direction – Choreography – Artistic editing: Anastasis Deligiannis  

Original musical composition, singing instruction, conductor: Antonis Karatzikis

Text adaptation: Marie Athens 

Scenographer: George Lintzeris

Costume design: Sofia Hountoumadi

Performance video: Evangelos Tsaroumis

Sale video: Thomas palyvos

Pictures: Antonis Androulidakis

Hairstyles – Wigs: Kelly Kalogeropoulou

Reconcile: Elina Mavraki


Spyros Bibilas

Betty from Lebanon

Penelope Anastassopoulou

Aris Makris

Giannis Chatzigeorgiou

Giannos Papaefstathiou

Elena Delakoura

Georges karkas

Maria kosmatou

Eva stamati

Iris Toula – Gourgiotou

Edgar Avetikian

Giannis Mamolis

Apostolos Kousinas


Violin: Kostis Karitzis, Periklis Timplalexis

Flute: Ismini Karagianni, Constantine Roussou

Trumpet: Dionysis Kokolis, Alexandros Sofronis

Piano: Dimitris Chrysanthakopoulos, Vyni Founta

Keyboards: Marios Karabotis, Dana Giakoumenou

Low: Fotis Skarmoutsos

Drums: Dimitris Pampouakis

Driver: Antonis Karatzikis


Konstantinos Sarris

Martina Moraitis

Vassilia Prospathopoulou

Alexandros Fotiadis

Semeli Sakellariou

Kyriakos Dimitropoulos

George housakos

Thanks for space UPUPA EPOPS BAR for accommodation for its filming promo video and photograph the show.


Wednesday – Thursday – Friday 8:00 p.m.

Saturday – Sunday 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Sunday 12/26, 2/1 & 9/1 additional show at 12m.

Friday 25 & 31/12 It’s late

Beginning of performances Friday, December 17


A zone 30 €

Zone B 25 €

Zone C 20 €

Zone D 15 €

Zone E 12 €




PRODUCTION: Performing Arts & Entertainment Ltd

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