Pro-BDS NGO protests Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performance in New York



An anti-Israel organization staged a protest against the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) on Sunday. York’s Carnegie Hall, causing a small disruption on February 3. Protesters stood outside an IPO fundraising brunch, which was followed by a performance. brunch inside to support its whitewashing of Israeli apartheid, we will be outside to support our love of justice with a little Palestinian brunch and music for liberation with the great sounds of freedom from the Rude Mechanical Orchestra .

Adalah accused IPO of being a political organization because it “represents[s] the State of Israel throughout the world ”, and says that“[T]he goodwill created by these tours… is of enormous value to the State of Israel. In July, the same organization staged a protest outside the Joyce Theater in New York City. During this incident, 50 self-proclaimed human rights defenders staged what Adalah described as a “vibrant musical demonstration” on the sidewalk to oppose the opening performance of the Batsheva Dance Company.


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