Paramount Theater invites community to celebrate 100th anniversary

(KNSI) – The Paramount Theater in downtown St. Cloud turns 100 on Friday, December 24, and the community is invited to join in the celebration.

The theater and lobby will be open for people to enter, look around, share memories and take photos. The original curtain for the Sherman Theater will be lowered as part of the commemoration. There will also be cakes and coffee available between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Paramount’s current Covid policy requires all guests and visitors to provide proof of Covid
vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours.

On Saturday, December 24, 1921, the Sherman Theater, with its 1,700 seats, opened its doors to the public for the screening of DW Griffith’s silent film “Way Down East”. Admission was 50 cents and a ten-member orchestra accompanied the film. It was called “St. Cloud’s biggest and most beautiful gambling den.”

Nine years later, the building received a $ 30,000 facelift and changed its name from Sherman Theater to Paramount Theater, after the New York Theater. It also needed sound equipment to accommodate the “talkies” and a new marquee was also built. The theater was an entertainment hub during the Depression and World War II.

In 1985 the building nearly disappeared in a fire, but Paramount Tories saved it and the plans were completed in 1998.

Before the COVID-19 closures, more than 100,000 people visited the theater each year.


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