NWWNC to sponsor chamber orchestra performance for Westwood residents and students


Students and residents of Westwood can attend a free chamber orchestra concert next year.

The North Westwood Neighborhood Council awarded Kaleidoscope, a conductorless chamber orchestra, a neighborhood grant of $ 5,000 at a meeting on May 8 to host a free concert in Westwood during the coming year. Kaleidoscope has performed at venues in Westwood before, including the Powell Library and the Hammer Museum.

Benjamin Hoffman, Kaleidoscope’s grants manager and one of its violinists, said the orchestra’s public mission is to connect the diverse communities of Los Angeles and make classical music more accessible to diverse groups.

“We play for people who have access to classical music, but we also play for people who have little or no access to it or who have never heard or have never been able to hear classical music before.” , Hoffman said. “So that includes people in hospitals, elementary schools (mostly low-income) and homeless shelters on Skid Row.”

Michael Skiles, president of the NWWNC, said Kaleidoscope’s mission to perform for the public aligns with the council’s goal of hosting events to liven up the Westwood community.

Hoffman said the orchestra had already planned to perform in the area next year and believed it would be appropriate to apply for the grant. The grant will be used to pay musicians for their services.

There is still no set time or date for the concert, but the orchestra plans to announce its season schedule towards the end of the summer, Hoffman said. Skiles said he expects the orchestra to draw a large crowd based on their previous events, such as its performance at the Powell Library in 2017 and at the Hammer Museum in February.

“The event at the Hammer was not only crowded, with over 100 people, but they actually had to turn some people away because they had reached the capacity of the event,” Skiles said.

Some students have said they would be interested in participating in the event.

Alin Abrahamian, a fourth-year political science student, said she would attend a free concert in Westwood as it would allow her to relax after exams.

Fourth-year sociology student Jannat Irshad said she would also be interested because she loves orchestras and would like to see an opera performance one day come to Westwood.

Skiles said he believes Kaleidoscope will host a high-energy event that brings the community together.

“It’s a top notch orchestra, they bring in some really good talent and they draw a lot of people,” Skiles said. “I expect hundreds of community members to come together and enjoy the experience.”

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