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There will soon be a new face for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) as current Music Director Bill Eddins leaves next year.

Eddins started directing with ESO in 2004. This season, which begins Friday night, will be his last. He would become the organization’s very first Music Director Emeritus.

He said the transition would allow him to focus on different things, including the Winspear Completion Project. The project will see the development of a parking lot on 97th Street into a new educational, rehearsal and performance space.

“I can start to change the organization, initiate changes in my own life that I have envisioned for years – I am trying to finish my book, I have become obsessed with tennis again – it seemed like the right time to do this. special transition, ”he told Global News, adding that he would continue to travel between Edmonton and his family home in Minneapolis.

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ESO Executive Director Annemarie Petrov said Eddins’ move is an exciting moment in the organization’s history.

“We’ve never had a Music Director Emeritus before. It seems like a very natural progression for Bill and for the organization. It allows us to continue to build on everything we’ve built with Bill over the past two years, ”she said.

Eddins said he saw an increase in the number of spectators during his time at ESO.

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“I see a very diverse audience, which is always fun. It’s really fun to see people come together around a concert and to be able to bond, have fun and connect with other people, ”he said.

And he hopes he has helped change Edmontonians’ relationship with the arts.

“Being in the role, I really hope so because that’s what we’re here to do. We’re just there to provide great concerts, great entertainment and great music; giving people the opportunity to kiss… that’s the best thing.

Petrov agrees, saying Eddins has a special way of connecting with audiences.

“He understands people. He loves music and he wants you to love music the way he does and he knows how to make it possible.

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A defining moment for Eddins was when ESO was invited to perform at the famous Carnegie Hall in 2012. It was an experience he will never forget.

“To play at Carnegie Hall is that you wrote your name, more importantly the sound you make, in the history of music. It’s there forever. The first hack to walk on this stage was a guy named Tchaikovsky. You follow these footsteps. Not bad.”

It is not known when a new Music Director will be selected.

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