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Choosing the right bank account is not the easiest thing to do. Intricate tables of fees, extensive regulations, unclear wording. How do you cope with all this? All you have to do is answer a few questions to see what is right for you and in which bank it is best to set up an account! Remember that you can cancel your current account at any time and choose a new offer that will meet your expectations.

Do you make a lot of bank transfers?

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Nowadays, more and more payments are made via the Internet and electronic banking. What’s more, you can pay bills or invoices even from the bank’s mobile application by taking a picture of a document or scanning a QR code. If you also do not like to queue at the post office, at the bank or at the point of payment for utilities, internet or telephone, it is worth that when choosing a personal account you look at the fees for making bank transfers. However, transfers are not just payments for bills – you may often transfer funds to friends, family or do it for another purpose – it is worth paying nothing for it.

Do you handle banking matters online or stationary?

Do you handle banking matters online or stationary?

I will say briefly: it is more profitable to deal with all banking matters from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Most fees, e.g. for making standard transfers, to ZUS or Tax Office or establishing standing orders via the Internet, are reduced to zero! So let’s get acquainted with online banking and your bank’s mobile application and learn all its functions and possibilities.

What is worth remembering? Before setting up your personal account, check whether the bank provides a mobile application and electronic banking. Although it is a standard these days, applications differ significantly in their level of sophistication. With their help, you can pay bills, make phone transfers / from photos / to another account, apply for new products, have a quick view of your account balance or operation history.

Do you pay in cash or cashlessly?

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This is another important point. If you are a supporter of having money in physical form and cash payments in stationary stores, then you need to pay attention to the cost of withdrawing funds from an ATM. Banks divide these fees into fees for withdrawals from own (belonging to a given bank) or external (from other banks) ATMs, and even from Eurocash or Planet Cash networks. First of all, pay attention to which bank ATMs are in your area or which bank branch is closest to you. Importantly, you will often have to pay for withdrawals in a bank window!

However, if you value convenience and use non-cash forms of payment, then you should not be charged any additional fees. It’s good if you verify that your bank also allows smartphone payments, e.g. BLIK, Apple Pay or Google Pay, to be able to pay in stationary and online stores without using an account card.


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At the end of the third quarter of 2011, the Mortgage Load Index (IOH) prepared by Dom Kredytowy Macbeth increased by 0.29 pp and amounted to 38.63%. This means that a statistical Polish family had to allocate even more of their income than 3 months ago for servicing the loan for the purchase of real estate on the primary market. Also the data for the next month show that the value of IOH is increasing. In October, the index increased by another 0.11 pp

The Mortgage Debt Index values ​​

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Are particularly important for people planning to buy real estate and take out a loan. Readings in the following months show how much of the family’s net income must be allocated to servicing the new loan commitment.

It is worth recalling that in accordance with the current Recommendation T of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority “the maximum level of the ratio of expenditure related to servicing credit obligations to the average net income achieved by persons obliged to repay the debt should not be higher than 50% for retail clients with a net income not exceeding the average level remuneration in the economy, in no case should it be higher than 65%. “

What decided about the changes?

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In the analyzed period, the increase in the Mortgage Load Index (IOH) calculated for the 8 largest Polish agglomerations was mainly determined by the change in interest rates on loans. During this time, we observed an increase in total interest rate on loans by an average of 0.11 pp, which was due to both an increase in the WIBOR reference rate and a slight increase in loan margins.

The value of the index was also negatively affected by changes in the level of remuneration. The average gross remuneration in the enterprise sector also decreased, on average by PLN 45 to PLN 3,528.87. Negative changes in the two components of the index (interest and remuneration) were somewhat offset by declines in property prices. The average offer price per square meter of a 55-square-meter flat has fallen by PLN 160 since June.

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Now we will present the possibilities of getting a loan in US. Any US whose country is located in the US Union can apply for a loan at any bank located in the US Union. However, to receive a loan, you must meet the requirements and criteria of the selected bank.

Unfortunately, there are currently no loans for people working in US against real estate in US. Banks in US grant loans to Poles, but only if they receive collateral in the form of an entry for a mortgage on a property located in US.

Importantly, according to data from the US Mortgage Federation, the average interest rate in US is 68% higher than in US, and more than twice as high as in Sweden! It would seem that nothing but take a loan and buy or build.

In order to receive a loan in US, you must meet several basic conditions:

In order to receive a loan in US, you must meet several basic conditions:

  • you must have permanent registration in US,
  • work on a contract of employment (permanent employment),
  • work in a liberal profession (work contract, commissioned),
  • run your own business,
  • you must have a positive credit history in the register of the SCHUFA private sector credit agency.

So if your main income comes from US, unfortunately, but getting a loan in US is not easy. The procedure for obtaining a loan in US is carried out in the same way, regardless of whether the applicant is a German or a Pole. In bank statements, as in US, the best are people with permanent employment. Entrepreneurs in US complain that even if they have a small debt, they will not receive a loan, this is also the case abroad.

Is it worth using the help of a financial adviser?

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Yes of course. It is good to visit an adviser even when the loan you intend to take applies only within our country. However, if we want to combine and finance foreign investments with it – this is a really good time to use the help of a specialist. Not only will he answer all of our questions, but he will also help to solve the most important formalities. Such help is often very helpful, sometimes even necessary.

Let’s think for a moment why so many people give up the services of a financial advisor and prefer to bother with everything on their own. What prevents you from making a phone call and making an appointment? I think we know – finance. We are afraid to call because there is nothing for free. In US, it is accepted to think that every service and every help costs money. And probably in most cases, but not here.

Of course, it’s not like financial advisors help out of pure goodness without a single profit. However, it is not the customer who bears the cost of using this service. The bank pays for the help of advisers! They get a commission from every new customer they arrange for a banking institution. That’s why you don’t have to worry – just call and make an appointment with a specialist. If the meeting is too much to start with – the most important terms of cooperation can be discussed by phone. You can take the decision about the meeting calmly after a phone conversation.

Why is it good to make an appointment with an expert?

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A good specialist will lead us in such a way that we will not only do everything that we wanted to do, but also do it on the most favorable terms! For us it is pure profit. At least, there are no losses associated with an unfavorable credit offer. A financial advisor will also save us a lot of time and stress that arises from arranging credit.

On the other hand, a foreign financial expert will allow people to take out loans without constant trips to the country. It is worth asking such a specialist for advice also when we lose hope – he may suggest some solutions that we had no idea about. A financial advisor is a person we can rely on when negotiating with a bank, helping to prepare the necessary documents and checking the terms of a loan agreement. In a few words – such a specialist will be our right hand when arranging a loan.


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To pamper self-entrepreneurs and young start-up executives to realize their business creation or takeover projects, that’s the lending of honor . To judiciously solicit the expertise of a broker, that’s the good financial management of a company. Because the loan insurance broker saves time and money with proposals that are better adapted and personalized than those of an online comparator.

Everything is played on trust


The loan of honor is granted to a person (the creator or the buyer) and not to the company, without guarantee or personal guarantee. In return, the borrower undertakes to repay on loan his loan over a period of two to five years. The broker follows all current promotions of insurance companies. He controls and negotiates prices as closely as possible.

Everything becomes facilitation


The loan of honor makes it easy to obtain a bank loan from the bank. For example, for 1 euro of loan of honor, the banks grant on average 7.5 euros of complementary financing.

The broker facilitates the freedom of choice of a loan insurance even better than it is below the insurance proposals of banks and insurance companies.

Finally, the commercial approach is also facilitated. Indeed, in the eyes of suppliers and future customers, the company having obtained a loan of honor becomes more credible once the file has been presented before a jury of professionals.

What is a loan of honor?


The loan of honor is a financial aid for all those who want to embark on the creation (or the recovery) of a company, without having a real personal financial contribution. It is a strength of support to consolidate its own funds and to leave more solid and conquering (e) to the discovery of the new markets.

The loan of honor can be “initiative” or “growth”. After three to six years of activity, the entrepreneur who may or may not have a loan of honor at start-up may need to reinforce his own funds.

Its amount is on average around 8500, – €. Its rate is generally at the 0 rate.

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A debt restructuring loan is a great way to redesign financial space. Quite simply, the loan approval is not in all cases. Only those who have the idea of ​​rescheduling at an early stage have sufficient financial flexibility to make a favorable loan. Visit jejcrew.com for a summary

Credit for debt restructuring – when is the rescheduling advisable?

Credit for debt restructuring - when is the rescheduling advisable?

A debt restructuring loan, other than real estate, serves to bring together different existing liabilities. The purpose of rescheduling can have different backgrounds.

A possible background for the idea is interest rate development. Anyone who still has old long-term payment obligations, the current interest rates can only use if he remultures. In this case, however, the old contracts should be scrutinized. Often prepayment rates for early loan repayment are agreed. These “penalty rates” could make the project a loss.

Another common reason is the change in personal circumstances. After losing a job it is very hard to get a foothold again. A new career orientation is often accompanied by a significant loss of income. The previously easy to carry rates are thus a burden. By summarizing the existing commitments, the burden of paying installments could be reduced. However, it is problematic, although the purpose of the rescheduling is obvious, to find a suitable lender.

Offers for debt rescheduling loans

Offers for debt rescheduling loans

A loan for rescheduling is particularly often sought as a long-term installment loan. Maturities of up to 120 months are the offer of the banking industry. Nevertheless, it should not be concluded too hastily. Each long-term loan works with a high interest rate and a low repayment installment of the installments. If you finance long-term, you will pay significantly more interest overall. In addition, the credit offers are cheap only at first glance.

If the rescheduling is an adjustment to lower revenues, then credit rejections can not be ruled out. The credit rating is affected by the existing contracts, although these are to be dissolved.

The advantage is who has used a top-up loan. Most top-up credits offer the opportunity to top up for free in the event of a loan merger. Even the originally favorable lending rate may be preserved in some circumstances.

Debt rescheduling or forward loans?

Debt rescheduling or forward loans?

For property owners, the ECB’s low interest rate policy raises the question of whether it makes sense to repay the loan. Alternatively, current interest rates could be secured for the future via a forward loan. A universal council is impossible. The view into the current loan agreements and a calculator are necessary to make the right decision.

Interesting is a forward loan for property owners whose fixed term expires within the next 60 months. You can already provide for the future with a favorable follow-up financing.

It should be remembered that the ECB has announced that it will continue its low interest rate policy in the long term. The follow-up financing – the loan for debt restructuring, will probably be just as cheap in a few months as it is today.

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If you are looking for where to obtain a payroll credit for government workers , you have arrived at the right place, here we explain everything you need to know to obtain the best payroll credit tailored to your needs and possibilities.

Have you ever tried to get a personal or bank loan? Surely the answer will be affirmative, and perhaps you remembered the moment when you realized that getting it is much more difficult than you thought; Well, something more than a person’s word is needed to trust that the person’s loan will be made.

However, despite the requirements of each bank or financial institution, there is always an option that adapts to the characteristics of what you are looking for, and especially to your possibilities. Therefore, this time we will talk about the payroll loan for government workers and what you need to obtain a loan of this kind.

Do you know what banks review to grant you a credit?

Do you know what banks review to grant you a credit?

On other occasions we have talked about how simple it is to apply for a payroll credit online, and all the options you can access: from small and quick personal loans to large loans for companies that want to grow your business; If you want to know more about the options in credits and loans that you can find on the internet, then click on the link above.

Now, if you have already requested a personal or bank loan, you have probably had some negative or you could not get the amount you really wanted.

But have you asked yourself why? Surely you thought that it was only due to your credit bureau history; However, there are other factors that financial institutions take into account when approving a loan as your ability to pay.

So then, we recommend you take them into account when applying for a loan, so that your approval is much simpler and faster.

1. The Credit Bureau, the main requirement

When you need a considerable sum of money, it is necessary that the bank or financial institution has some support or guarantee that you will pay this loan in a timely manner; therefore they turn to the Credit Bureau to check if you have a passing grade.

That is, they take into account the Score you have in the Credit Bureau, but what is the Score in the Credit Bureau? We tell you quickly:

My Score in the Credit Bureau is a tool that qualifies your credit behavior; and it serves as a measure that allows banks or credit institutions to define the default risk they will assume in your case.

So then, the ratings you can have on your credit bureau score are the following:

If you would like to know the rating you have in the Credit Bureau, you can request it directly in the ” Get My Score ” section on your website; The cost to obtain it is $ 58 and it is attached to your Special Credit Report to send it by mail. You can also obtain it by phone or directly at the offices of the Credit Bureau.

It is important to keep in mind that small actions can help you have a better Score; for example, the fact of paying month after month an amount greater than the minimum required payment of your cards; Or to diversify your types of credit. If you need more tips to improve your rating, we recommend that you read the Kardmatch blog articles .  

2. Ability to pay

Another important point that banks and financial institutions take into account when approving or not a credit is your ability to pay. For this reason, you usually have to present proof of income, or in the case of requesting a payroll credit for workers , you need to present payroll stubs or receipts ; If you apply for a loan at the bank where you receive your payroll payment, it is likely that you do not have to present an additional voucher.

The reason why institutions need to review your income is to confirm that you have the necessary capacity to devote a maximum of 30% of your income to the payment of the loan or credit you are requesting.

In addition to checking the income you receive month after month, banks or financiers will ask you if you have to pay rent, how many people depend on your income, etc .; in short, they need to know if in addition to making your fixed payments you have the necessary capacity to not over-borrow and settle the credit you are requesting.

The ideal thing so that the debts do not exceed your income is that you follow the 50/40/10 rule, which is about dedicating 50% of your income to the fixed expenses of your home, 40% to the payment of debts (including the payment of the credit you wish to acquire) and the remaining 10% must be dedicated to saving. If you follow this rule it is likely that you are a good option for banks and that you have no problem to cover the loan or loan payments.

3. How many times have you applied for a loan?

Perhaps in times of emergency you have wanted to obtain a loan at all costs; so you tried in the same day to apply for a loan in different institutions to have greater possibilities of obtaining an approval.

However, despite what you think, this can bring you problems; since in the system your insistence will appear registered to obtain a credit, which generates in some way distrust to the institutions.

Therefore, the best thing is that if you are looking for a payroll loan for government workers or any other type of credit, it is that you previously investigate the options that interest you; and request one in the financial institution in which you will be more likely to receive an approval, based on the requirements, interests and ability to pay.

If you do not find a passing answer, wait 15 to 20 days to apply for a credit in your second option; and so on. So then we recommend you plan with patience the acquisition of a credit; and above all, work on the aspects that determine the approval of the credit, such as the rating on your credit history.

4. Your age is also a determinant

The age of the applicant for a loan is also a factor of real importance at the time that an institution grants an approval; that is why many financial companies have a maximum age for the applicant. So sometimes, people over 70 years are not candidates for the acquisition of a loan.

Some options for people over 60, who are usually retired or pensioners; they are the loans for retirees, like those that Suky Tawdry offers for them, if you want to know more, you know all about the payroll credits for retirees .

It is likely that when you are older than 70, you are asked for an endorsement as an additional requirement, so that the financiers have the backing that someone else will take care of the debt, in case you have a problem that prevents you from doing so.

5. Credit experience

5. Credit experience

In the first point we mention that within the factors that determine the approval of a credit depends to a large extent on the qualification that you have in the Credit Bureau; However, the fact that you do not have any debt due to the lack of credit is also a point that can prevent you from approving a loan.

So then, you can start building a credit history by hiring a cell phone payment plan, a departmental card and even a basic credit card; The point here is that banking institutions observe that you have experience in handling credits and that you have also complied with the payments as requested.

These are just some of the points taken into account by the institutions that grant loans or credits; mainly, it is the banks that pay attention to all these aspects, since they are generally those that grant considerable loans; however, there are other much simpler options to obtain a good loan, as in the case of the payroll loan for government workers .

Personal loans discount via payroll

Personal loans discount via payroll

Do you need a personal loan? Have you considered payroll credit for government workers as an option for it? If you have not done it, I’ll tell you, as a government worker you have a great advantage and Suky Tawdry offers you payroll credits tailored to your needs and possibilities without maximum limit.

A personal loan with discount via payroll or as we have also called you here: payroll credit for government workers , gives you the opportunity to obtain capital quickly, simply and safely to meet any of your objectives, without needing to justify the expense of this.

A payroll loan also helps you build a healthy credit history, because since payments are made through automatic discounts to your payroll, you will not present any arrears; so your rating will be improved considerably.

Do you want to go on vacation? Are the XV years of your daughter or granddaughter approaching? Do you want to remodel your house? For whatever your dream, Suky Tawdry has an effective solution for you working in a government institution.

So if you work in the SEP, IMSS or UNAM, or you are retired from the IMSS or PEMEX you are a candidate to apply for a payroll loan for government workers ; you just need to present an official ID, a proof of address and the last 2 pay stubs or receipts of your payroll.

Do not risk with lenders or pawns, get a payroll credit for government workers in 48 hrs.

It is likely that before a need or economic emergency you think that your solution faster, more effective and without much formality, would be to go to a lender or in the worst case, pawn your car; However, for government workers there is a simple option to get a loan in 48 hrs., that option is called Suky Tawdry and we explain the steps you need to follow:

  1. 1. Register in our contact form
  2. 2. Wait until we get in touch at the time you specified
  3. 3. Have your INE at hand, proof of address and the last 2 pay stubs or receipts of your payroll
  4. 4. Once we have received your documents and you have signed the contract where you specify the amount that will be deducted from your fortnight you will receive your loan

So fast and simple is to get a payroll credit in Suky Tawdry, where we offer you:

  • Your personalized credit in 48 hrs.
  • Deadlines of up to 120 fortnights
  • Interest rate from 1.46% biweekly
  • You do not need to present endorsement or guarantee
  • Pay in a simple way through automatic discounts on your payroll, without having to train at a bank
  • You do not have a maximum amount defined





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How a Payroll Discount Credit Works /how-a-payroll-discount-credit-works/ /how-a-payroll-discount-credit-works/#respond Sun, 03 Mar 2019 07:53:18 +0000 http://www.singcomusic.com/how-a-payroll-discount-credit-works/ Continue Reading "How a Payroll Discount Credit Works"


Payroll credits have a very special feature, apparently; they are easy to pay and at the same time they help you form a favorable credit history; thanks to that they are deducted automatically from your salary; what does not allow you to generate delays in payments; Read on to find out how a payroll discount credit works .

Pay your credit with a payroll discount in fortnights

Pay your credit with a payroll discount in fortnights

Payroll credit is the loan of one or more payments of your salary. This can be monthly, biweekly or weekly, depending on how often you receive your money. It is a loan that takes as a guarantee the payment you receive for your work; and the deposit is made in your payroll account.

If you’re wondering how a payroll discount credit works ; It is because you have surely heard that this loan is one of the main sources of financing due to its advantages; Since it is easy to acquire, it is flexible in its requirements because you do not need to have an excellent credit history; and this is one of the reasons why it is easier to obtain it, if you compare it with the requirements that a bank asks for.

For example, in our article Where do I get a payroll loan for government workers? we talk to you about all the requirements that a banking institution reviews, before granting you a credit; in this way you could determine what you would need before applying for a loan to a bank or similar institution.

As in any credit, besides being aware of the requirements that you must fulfill; It is important to know exactly how much you need and what you will use it for; so keep in mind, that the credit is not extra money, you will have to cover it with part of your salary.

Depending on the institution where you apply for the payroll credit , the requirements and extra expenses to which you will be subject vary, but it is important that you know that some of them ask you to take out life and / or unemployment insurance that represents an extra charge and that most institutions do not charge commission for opening credit; so we recommend you ask your advisor to avoid surprises.

Some other aspects to consider are the term to pay the credit, the interest rate that they will charge you and the frequency of payment (biweekly or monthly).

At Suky Tawdry, we not only help you understand how a payroll loan works ; we also grant payroll loans in an accessible and fast way to the workers of Government Institutions; through simple, transparent and reliable procedures; that’s why we tell you more about the benefits of obtaining a loan in Suky Tawdry .

Considerations before applying for a payroll loan

When you acquire a value or service on credit; you wonder how a payroll discount credit works ; but also if it is worth paying for a year, monthly payments; although in some cases it is the ideal, since not always our salary reaches us to acquire everything we want; if it is necessary to reflect before taking actions that affect our finances

That is why before speaking about a credit with a payroll discount, we tell you about some considerations that you must take into account before accepting or requesting a credit with a payroll discount for the Government.

If you receive your payroll through a bank, surely at the cashier or by mail or telephone; you have learned that a credit has been pre-approved; however grandiose the news may sound due to the amount, they are not always the best option we need.

When we found out we have a pre-approved payroll credit; we started thinking about everything we could do with that money; however, the way we are going to pay for it never comes to mind.

Although the bank can offer you a loan based on the payment you receive every fortnight; the institution does not take into account the expenses you have, that’s why the offer can be even bigger than your payment possibilities; therefore, before accepting the credit, it is necessary to ask the bank in question; what would be the biweekly payments, to analyze this way with how much money you would have left and if it is enough to cover all your monthly expenses.

Condusef gives an example of Ricardo, who when withdrawing cash from an ATM in his bank; the notification appeared in which they indicated that he had already pre-approved a payroll credit for $ 100,000; Although this amount is important for many of us, we have to analyze how Ricardo and when the payments will be before requesting a loan.

For this reason, Condusef recommends that this kind of credits be requested only when it is very clear which will be the objective in which the money will be invested and with that in mind, a credit must be requested only for the amount that is needed.

So then, this analysis carried out by Condusef to explain how to apply for a loan intelligently; it allows us to observe some points that we may not take into account when we are excited about the idea of ​​receiving such a large amount of money.

It is important that before applying for any credit or loan; analyze what is the amount that you can have your biweekly or monthly salary to make the payments of that loan; and if that will not affect your ability to cover fixed expenses such as rent or mortgage, food, transportation, education, among others.

When you know how a payroll discount credit works ; you realize it is not a gift; that is, take into account that although this loan allows you to enjoy the best holidays, remodel your house, start a family business, etc .; you must make the payments in a timely manner; or as in this case, discounts will be made automatically to your payroll to pay the credit little by little.

So now that you have very clear what are the considerations that you must take into account before applying for a payroll deduction for government workers, we tell you about all the benefits that Suky Tawdry offers in payroll loans.

A safe and fast option

At Suky Tawdry we help you understand how a payroll discount credit works ; as well as recognize your benefits, since not only do we offer you payroll credits in 48 hours, but we also give you a high quality financial service in which your personal information is protected and we analyze together with you the amount that you can request in credit; because we do not handle a maximum credit limit and we rely on what you need and what you can pay, so that your economy is not affected in this way.

So then in Suky Tawdry you can get a payroll credit for Government to your measure with automatic discounts, which will make you forget about the long waiting lines in the Banks, because you will not have to train to pay your loan!

However, this does not mean that discounts are made uncontrollably, before granting your money, you sign a contract that specifies the amount that will be deducted from you fortnight to fortnight, so that each time you review your account statement, you receive surprises.

So without further ado we tell you the benefits that Suky Tawdry brings you:

Benefits of applying for a loan

At Suky Tawdry we want you to have no doubts; to understand how a payroll discount credit works ; that is why we also seek to offer the best to our clients, that is why we give them payroll credits accessible to their possibilities and objectives; but you get the payroll credit that you deserve; that’s why we give you:

  • Credit approval in 48 hours
  • Interest rate from 1.46% biweekly
  • Without maximum amount defined
  • Ease of processing, you only need to have at hand 3 simple documents
  • Payments up to 120 fortnights
  • Without queuing at the bank to pay

In Suky Tawdry you find the information you need on how a payroll discount credit works ; but also you can obtain a credit that adapts to your needs and possibilities; we care about your economy offering you a loan that helps you to fulfill your goals and dreams; and whose payments do not affect your lifestyle at all.

Why a payroll loan is a great option for me

Why a payroll loan is a great option for me

As we have already mentioned, a payroll loan is a much more agile option compared to a bank loan, since the requirements are much more flexible. So then you can get the amount you need for any project at the same time you build a solid credit history, because as the name implies, it is a payroll discount credit .

To understand how a payroll discount credit works ; It should be quite clear to us that a payroll loan allows you to:

  • Acquire a loan that adapts to your economic possibilities, in quantity and payment terms
  • Pay through automatic discounts on your payroll so as not to present arrears
  • Not depend on any guarantee to obtain a loan, the guarantee of payment is in the payment of your payroll
  • You forget to stand in the bank or look for convenience stores to make your credit payments
  • Facilitate the payment and settlement of your credit through fixed payments
  • Be assured that the payments will always be the same, since they are already fixed in your contract

To obtain a credit in Suky Tawdry, the documents you need to have on hand are the following:

  • Current official identification with photograph
  • Proof of address
  • The last 2 pay stubs of your payroll

Once you present your documents and start your procedure, we will give you the solution to your request within 48 hours.

Other products

In addition to teaching you how a payroll discount credit works ; and offer payroll credits for government workers from different agencies; we also offer other types of loans, such as people who wish to obtain a loan with us to settle the debt obtained in another institution, or refinance a credit with us to resolve economic emergencies; In a moment more we tell you, about all the options we have for you, then we tell you a little more.

Buying debt

If you have a debt with another financial company and you feel that for more than you pay, you do not finish liquidating it; for that reason in Suky Tawdry we seek to help you to live with tranquility through the purchase of your debt.

To help you deal with these endless credits, we support you and buy your debt with other financial houses.

But, what is the purchase of debt ? It is an intelligent credit that allows you to pay the debt you have in other financial; all through a simple and fast procedure.

At Suky Tawdry we offer you the debt purchase service:

  • With the best interest rate and terms that adapt to your economic needs
  • Increase credit so you can solve some economic emergencies
  • Personal attention to give you the best service



If you are already a Suky Tawdry customer and you still do not finish paying your credit but you need money; You can request a refinancing of debt with the same conditions of your current credit; but with a faster outlay. You can contact us to see if you are a candidate to refinance your debt.


The world of personal loans and loans is a whole world and the requirements and processes can be too complex and time consuming; that is why payroll credit is presented as an agile and simple option to get a loan that suits your needs and possibilities; And it is up to a point, completely necessary to know how a payroll discount credit works .

So then payroll loans are a great financing option, however, it requires reflection, because although pre-approved loans by your bank are attractive, they are not always the option that fits your pocket, since when you make your payments every fifteen fortnight, you should keep enough capital to cover your fixed expenses.

Therefore, it is important to find the balance between the money you need and what you can afford and at Suky Tawdry we help you achieve it with credits that fit what you need, we work hand in hand with you to offer you the best experience when obtaining a credit with a payroll discount for government workers.



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Where to Find the Best Non-bank Loans? /where-to-find-the-best-non-bank-loans/ /where-to-find-the-best-non-bank-loans/#respond Sat, 23 Feb 2019 12:12:18 +0000 http://www.singcomusic.com/where-to-find-the-best-non-bank-loans/ Continue Reading "Where to Find the Best Non-bank Loans?"


Wondering how to find the perfect non-bank loan? It turns out that it is not so difficult as it might seem at the beginning. You just need to know what ways to be guided. A critique at http://directvanqex.com

Search for loans on your own

Search for loans on your own

Among the known methods, there is, of course, the one that involves searching for the perfect loan on its own. For this purpose, most often we search further loan offers, so we want to know where we will get the most favorable conditions.

Unfortunately, this method of searching for a weekend for yourself has several drawbacks. First of all, it is a very arduous occupation. Because we have to spend a lot of time to browse all offers. Secondly, if we did not deal with this industry before, unfortunately we do not even know exactly which companies are trustworthy and where we can not expect low costs.

In addition, by browsing through the offers of non-bank loans superficially, we still do not know exactly what we should actually pay attention to, which is not important or is just an ordinary marketing trick. Of course, do not be completely discouraged by this method, because if only someone has the right amount of free time, he can try his hand at finding the best offer. Thanks to this, we have the chance to become acquainted with the non-banking industry. However, do not forget to under no circumstances make any decisions that will be reckless. Because taking the first better loan, without its thorough verification, it can be embarrassing for our pocket.

Rankings of non-bank loans

Rankings of non-bank loans

Another known method to find the perfect non-bank loan for yourself is to check all sorts of rankings. Above all, we should only keep in mind the well-tested and professional rankings.
Thanks to them, we really have a chance to find a loan that will be the most advantageous at the time. In addition, such combinations also include non-bank loans, which are only proposed by trusted companies. In that case, you avoid any dishonest contractors, or so-called parabanks. Indeed, it must be borne in mind that such parabanks are appearing, but unfortunately their loans differ very much from the provisions contained in Polish law, and more precisely in the Act on non-bank loans.

Such combinations also contain key information that we should pay attention to. In this way, at least we know why a particular offer will be beneficial for us, and which is not necessarily anymore.


With this information in mind, it will definitely be easier to determine what loans are convenient. All the more so if we only pay attention to updated rankings, we will immediately pick up any information about the promotions valid at the time. Thanks to this we will also find out in which loan services we can easily take a free time out. It is worth mentioning that such promotions are most effective at the moment when we are completely new clients for a particular lender. Of course, now not every company is able to offer us a free time, the more they are sought after by promotion hunters.

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