Barrington students to perform with the Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra on November 14


On Sunday, November 14, the Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO) returns to the stage of the Blizzard Theater at Elgin Community College for in-person performances, after a season of live-only concerts.

EYSO opens its 46th season with “Negative Spaces,” the first of three concerts in the FLIPPED concert series that examines how a shift in perspective can make all the difference in music and life. EYSO, with members of approximately 70 communities, is one of the oldest and most respected youth orchestras in the Chicago area.

The following EYSO students are from or around Barrington: Maggie Card, Reiker Cho, Kavya Gundlapalli, Lauren Johnson, Swara Maruvada, Quinn McCoy, Ethan Park, Kayden Petrik, Abhishek Ramakrishnan, Damian Sulikowski, Nataliaikowski, Tyler Thymian and Kenny Yeun.

“We invite you to join our wonderful musicians on November 14, as they harness the power of sound and silence in a breathtaking repertoire, from the evocative ‘Clair de Lune’ of Debussy to the iconic film music of ‘The Dark Knight ‘to Shostakovich’s mighty Fifth Symphony, “said Matthew Sheppard, artistic director of EYSO.

EYSO will organize concerts at 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., each concert featuring performances by different ensembles. For full concert details and to purchase tickets in person and live, visit https: //

EYSO also invites you to an afternoon of live music, free, by the EYSO Chamber Music Institute on Sunday, November 7. If you are new to classical music, these captivating short chamber music performances at 12:45 pm, 2 and 4:30 pm are the perfect introduction. Typically, around one-third of EYSO’s members are enrolled in the Chamber Music Institute, taking part in an ensemble experience that sharpens vital listening skills and provides invaluable additional musical training.

The Illinois Council of Orchestras has named EYSO the 2021 Youth Orchestra of the Year for excellence in musical performance. EYSO has earned a national reputation for providing not only an engaging musical experience for its students, but also a comprehensive learning environment that fosters curiosity, imagination, critical thinking and collaboration through investigative and collaborative methods. to expert observation.

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