A Performance Review of Stan State Opera Stages | Theater

View of the Snider stage. (Signal Photo/Morley Brown)

The Stanislaus State Music Department hosted an April 21 performance of Opera Scenes featuring various scenes ranging from German and English operas to contemporary musical numbers.

There was a little something for everyone in the audience that night. With the mixture of traditional costumes and concert outfits, the artists provided a fun evening for those present.

A community member who attended, Liana Rodriguez, was thrilled to get to know one of the artists personally.

“One of the interpreters is my patient, she invited me,” she explained.

For each performance, a title and information card was projected to provide context, followed by a background image appropriate to the scene of the song being performed.

In the first half of the evening, the program focused on German and English opera scenes, including a lively and comic duet from Gaetano Donizetti’s L’Elisor d’Amor (The Elixir of Love). Later stages featured familiar musicals such as Chicago’s “When You’re Good to Mama” and several scenes from The Secret Garden, while West Side Story’s “America” ​​ended the evening on a high. vibrant.

Reflecting on his favorite scene, music teacher Dr. Joseph Wiggett said all of them were his favorites.

“None of the scenes were easy and they were incredibly well prepared, professional, and I couldn’t be prouder of their work,” Wiggett said.

Despite mask and social distancing mandates, the performers gave a fantastic performance, ensuring they were clear and body language elements weren’t lost. It was clear to see the emotion behind every performance.

In light of the recent crisis in Ukraine, two songs from Gian Carlo Menotti’s The Consul – “Lullaby” and “Now, O Lips, Say Goodbye” – have been dedicated to the people of Ukraine. Bathed in blue and red stage lights, the performers gave a moving performance as both songs reflected the hopes and feelings of doom in the environment of war.

Judging by the positive audience feedback for the show from community members, family, friends, and students, the Opera Stage Spring Semester turned out to be a great evening outing.

Wiggett added that he hopes for full production in the future after the department took a hit in registrations due to COVID-19. As more mandates continue to ease, he hopes enrollment will increase, which will push for more opera stage production.

Upcoming performances from the Music Department include the Spring Orchestra Concert on May 3. Future performances can be found on the music department’s list. website.

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