In what bank to set up an account?

Choosing the right bank account is not the easiest thing to do. Intricate tables of fees, extensive regulations, unclear wording. How do you cope with all this? All you have to do is answer a few questions to see what is right for you and in which bank it is best to set up an account! Remember that you can cancel your current account at any time and choose a new offer that will meet your expectations.

Do you make a lot of bank transfers?

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Nowadays, more and more payments are made via the Internet and electronic banking. What’s more, you can pay bills or invoices even from the bank’s mobile application by taking a picture of a document or scanning a QR code. If you also do not like to queue at the post office, at the bank or at the point of payment for utilities, internet or telephone, it is worth that when choosing a personal account you look at the fees for making bank transfers. However, transfers are not just payments for bills – you may often transfer funds to friends, family or do it for another purpose – it is worth paying nothing for it.

Do you handle banking matters online or stationary?

Do you handle banking matters online or stationary?

I will say briefly: it is more profitable to deal with all banking matters from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Most fees, e.g. for making standard transfers, to ZUS or Tax Office or establishing standing orders via the Internet, are reduced to zero! So let’s get acquainted with online banking and your bank’s mobile application and learn all its functions and possibilities.

What is worth remembering? Before setting up your personal account, check whether the bank provides a mobile application and electronic banking. Although it is a standard these days, applications differ significantly in their level of sophistication. With their help, you can pay bills, make phone transfers / from photos / to another account, apply for new products, have a quick view of your account balance or operation history.

Do you pay in cash or cashlessly?

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This is another important point. If you are a supporter of having money in physical form and cash payments in stationary stores, then you need to pay attention to the cost of withdrawing funds from an ATM. Banks divide these fees into fees for withdrawals from own (belonging to a given bank) or external (from other banks) ATMs, and even from Eurocash or Planet Cash networks. First of all, pay attention to which bank ATMs are in your area or which bank branch is closest to you. Importantly, you will often have to pay for withdrawals in a bank window!

However, if you value convenience and use non-cash forms of payment, then you should not be charged any additional fees. It’s good if you verify that your bank also allows smartphone payments, e.g. BLIK, Apple Pay or Google Pay, to be able to pay in stationary and online stores without using an account card.


Mortgage Load Index


At the end of the third quarter of 2011, the Mortgage Load Index (IOH) prepared by Dom Kredytowy Macbeth increased by 0.29 pp and amounted to 38.63%. This means that a statistical Polish family had to allocate even more of their income than 3 months ago for servicing the loan for the purchase of real estate on the primary market. Also the data for the next month show that the value of IOH is increasing. In October, the index increased by another 0.11 pp

The Mortgage Debt Index values ​​

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Are particularly important for people planning to buy real estate and take out a loan. Readings in the following months show how much of the family’s net income must be allocated to servicing the new loan commitment.

It is worth recalling that in accordance with the current Recommendation T of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority “the maximum level of the ratio of expenditure related to servicing credit obligations to the average net income achieved by persons obliged to repay the debt should not be higher than 50% for retail clients with a net income not exceeding the average level remuneration in the economy, in no case should it be higher than 65%. “

What decided about the changes?

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In the analyzed period, the increase in the Mortgage Load Index (IOH) calculated for the 8 largest Polish agglomerations was mainly determined by the change in interest rates on loans. During this time, we observed an increase in total interest rate on loans by an average of 0.11 pp, which was due to both an increase in the WIBOR reference rate and a slight increase in loan margins.

The value of the index was also negatively affected by changes in the level of remuneration. The average gross remuneration in the enterprise sector also decreased, on average by PLN 45 to PLN 3,528.87. Negative changes in the two components of the index (interest and remuneration) were somewhat offset by declines in property prices. The average offer price per square meter of a 55-square-meter flat has fallen by PLN 160 since June.

Will you get a loan for an apartment abroad?

Now we will present the possibilities of getting a loan in US. Any US whose country is located in the US Union can apply for a loan at any bank located in the US Union. However, to receive a loan, you must meet the requirements and criteria of the selected bank.

Unfortunately, there are currently no loans for people working in US against real estate in US. Banks in US grant loans to Poles, but only if they receive collateral in the form of an entry for a mortgage on a property located in US.

Importantly, according to data from the US Mortgage Federation, the average interest rate in US is 68% higher than in US, and more than twice as high as in Sweden! It would seem that nothing but take a loan and buy or build.

In order to receive a loan in US, you must meet several basic conditions:

In order to receive a loan in US, you must meet several basic conditions:

  • you must have permanent registration in US,
  • work on a contract of employment (permanent employment),
  • work in a liberal profession (work contract, commissioned),
  • run your own business,
  • you must have a positive credit history in the register of the SCHUFA private sector credit agency.

So if your main income comes from US, unfortunately, but getting a loan in US is not easy. The procedure for obtaining a loan in US is carried out in the same way, regardless of whether the applicant is a German or a Pole. In bank statements, as in US, the best are people with permanent employment. Entrepreneurs in US complain that even if they have a small debt, they will not receive a loan, this is also the case abroad.

Is it worth using the help of a financial adviser?

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Yes of course. It is good to visit an adviser even when the loan you intend to take applies only within our country. However, if we want to combine and finance foreign investments with it – this is a really good time to use the help of a specialist. Not only will he answer all of our questions, but he will also help to solve the most important formalities. Such help is often very helpful, sometimes even necessary.

Let’s think for a moment why so many people give up the services of a financial advisor and prefer to bother with everything on their own. What prevents you from making a phone call and making an appointment? I think we know – finance. We are afraid to call because there is nothing for free. In US, it is accepted to think that every service and every help costs money. And probably in most cases, but not here.

Of course, it’s not like financial advisors help out of pure goodness without a single profit. However, it is not the customer who bears the cost of using this service. The bank pays for the help of advisers! They get a commission from every new customer they arrange for a banking institution. That’s why you don’t have to worry – just call and make an appointment with a specialist. If the meeting is too much to start with – the most important terms of cooperation can be discussed by phone. You can take the decision about the meeting calmly after a phone conversation.

Why is it good to make an appointment with an expert?

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A good specialist will lead us in such a way that we will not only do everything that we wanted to do, but also do it on the most favorable terms! For us it is pure profit. At least, there are no losses associated with an unfavorable credit offer. A financial advisor will also save us a lot of time and stress that arises from arranging credit.

On the other hand, a foreign financial expert will allow people to take out loans without constant trips to the country. It is worth asking such a specialist for advice also when we lose hope – he may suggest some solutions that we had no idea about. A financial advisor is a person we can rely on when negotiating with a bank, helping to prepare the necessary documents and checking the terms of a loan agreement. In a few words – such a specialist will be our right hand when arranging a loan.